Billionaires Greatest Advice For Aussies To Keep In Consideration

If you want a good life lesson or anything related to success for that matter — just ask those who made their billions from the ground up. Self-made billionaires haven’t built their wealth without a bit of financial trial and error. From investing to negotiating better pay, they’ve seen and done it all. So, we […]

10 Innovative Uses of Buttons in Daily Life

At SBS Zipper, we appreciate art, creativity, and individualism because we understand that they add joy and excitement to life. Most people don’t recognize the value of buttons but we believe that buttons can make your clothing more charming as well as transform almost anything you have at home to a wonderful and attractive accessory. Here are […]

Get Close to Coconut Buttons and Corozo Buttons

In addition to wood buttons, there is another type of natural buttons which are made of plant fruits, coconut buttons and corozo buttons. Coconut buttons are made of the outer shell of the tropical fruit coconut, and corozo buttons are made of corozo which is growing in Ecuador and Colombia. Coconut buttonsCoconut shell is used to make buttons due to its strong rigidity and this kind […]

Highlight Your Clothing with Combined Buttons

With the development of adhesives, it seems that any two materials can be glued together to become another surprisingly item. Simply speaking, combined buttons refer to buttons made from two or more different materials in a certain way. It is well known that there are plenty of materials which buttons are made from, such as metal, resin, […]

The Creative Use of Button Makes Clothing More Charming

As the creative use of zippers we have discussed before, buttons also show their important role in fashion world by offering innovative designs. When it comes to buttons, they are a useful fastening device. Buttons vary in sizes, colors, materials and shapes, and can be placed on different types of garment, serving a decorative function to add a fashionable […]

A Brief Guide to Button Pull Test

The physical performances of buttons can be determined in various ways, dependent on the product type and structure, which include but are not limited to the measurement of pull, fastening, unfastening, fastness, breakage strength, etc. The measurement of pull strength is a critical testing procedure in the design and manufacturing of garments in the textile […]

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