10 Innovative Uses of Buttons in Daily Life

At SBS Zipper, we appreciate art, creativity, and individualism because we understand that they add joy and excitement to life. Most people don’t recognize the value of buttons but we believe that buttons can make your clothing more charming as well as transform almost anything you have at home to a wonderful and attractive accessory. Here are some examples.

1. Button Hairband
The different styles and designs of the buttons we produce can make for a very interesting bespoke hairband. You may wrap them around your head to match your personality and outfit.

2. Button Necklace
A button necklace makes for a very cool and unconventional accessory. It is one of the few accessories that you can rock with an open-chested top to make yourself stand out and add excitement to your life.

3. Develop Kids’ Motor Skills
Do you ever think that you can use the spare buttons laying somewhere in your house to develop your kids’ motor skills? The brightly colored buttons can help your child develop hand-eye coordination. They will also get to feel the different textures with their tiny fingers and learn to differentiate colors.

4. Button Earrings
Some buttons are just so cute and exception that you can’t afford to waste them on mere clothing. You can easily attach a pair of such buttons to earring studs to broaden your earring collection.

5. Button Calendar
If you have an old picture frame, insert a dry eraser sheet inside and mark it with the calendar dates. Next, take old buttons from your button collection and decorate the frame.

6. Button Magnets
Attach magnets to your old button collection to accessorize your fridge and anything metallic that you might have.

7. Button Checkers
Wouldn’t it be fun to play checkers with a homemade board and use your old button collection as the pieces?

8. Button Clock
Make your home stand out with a bespoke button clock on your wall. Use larger buttons on the 12, 3, 6, and 9 hours.

9. Button Bracelet
How cool would your arm and ankle look with a button bracelet wrapped around them? It’s a great look for a beach day and makes for an interesting conversation.

10. Lamp Stand Decoration
If you have those cloth lamps on your bedside table or living room table, you can stick buttons all around it. It will look more vibrant both during the daytime and night time when you light the lamp.

Whatever way you decide to use your old button collection, the most important thing to remember is that you should have fun with it. Fun is the most important ingredient for creating magical masterpieces.

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