The Creative Use of Button Makes Clothing More Charming

As the creative use of zippers we have discussed before, buttons also show their important role in fashion world by offering innovative designs. When it comes to buttons, they are a useful fastening device. Buttons vary in sizes, colors, materials and shapes, and can be placed on different types of garment, serving a decorative function to add a fashionable statement to clothing.

Buttons On Pocket
Not only can buttons close pockets to ensure your belongings safe, but also embellish the clothing with attractive color and shapes.

Buttons On Shoulder
Buttons on the shoulder is also the most eye-catching decoration. When unbuttoning the buttons to let clothing fall naturally, you will be more stylish to steal the spotlight.

Buttons On Arm
Simple buttons placed along the radian of arm are definitely the highlight.

Buttons On Skirt
unbuttoning some buttons when weather is hot help you look casual and charming.

Buttons On Leg Opening
Compared with normal trousers, trousers with button on leg opening will exposed your ankles, visually stretching the line of legs.

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